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Black Tea price in Bangladesh



Black is the most popular and sold type of tea in whole Bangladesh. Probably most of us grew up drinking black tea regularly. However, most of us have never even known the fact that this is black tea.

Yes, black tea is very important for the Bangladeshi inner markets. So, it is always going to be the most produced type of tea in the country. Most of the tea stall owners use black tea for multiple types of tea. We will discuss here about the black tea quality and price in Bangladesh.

Today, we are going to focus on black tea only. What is it, why is it good both for the consumer and the countries inner market? Let us discuss the issues with you.

Rebnal Loose Black Tea

What is Black Tea?

We get black tea from a tea plant called Camellia Sinesis. What makes this type of tea plant special is the strong flavor. The reason behind its strong flavor is the oxidation.

So, black tea can oxidize more than oolong, yellow or white tea. And thanks to the oxidation, the green leaves of the tea plant turn dark black.

Not just that, most of the other tea loses its flavor within a year or so. On the other hand, black tea can retain its strong flavor.


What does Black Tea contain and types of black tea?

Black tea contains 20 mg caffein, a stimulating substance called theophylline. It also comes with polyphenol which keeps your DNA cell away from damage.

There are three types of black tea in Bangladesh and they are often called CTC (cut, tear, curl). Well, these three are divided depending on the blend of the plant.

Rebnal Black Tea

The benefits of Black Tea?

Cure Cancer

As black tea contains some of the important vegetable and fruit antioxidants, the tea can defend harmful cancer molecules.



Black Tea contains some chemicals and tannins that are helpful for the digestion process. It can also cure diarrhea.

Heart Disease Control

Black Tea is beneficial for those who suffer from heart disease, and it maintains proper blood circulation from the heart to body and body to heart either. The tea has the capability to control and deal with the high-blood pressure.

Asthma Control

Those who have asthma or shortness of breath, Black Tea is very helpful to them. The doctor also suggested them for drinking black tea.

Blood Circulation to the Brain

 Black tea has low caffeine. Therefore, blood flows properly to the brain without any side effects.

Nourish the Hair

Drinking two cups of black tea every day helps nourish the hair and makes hair roots stiff.


The biggest benefit of black tea is that makes the skin smooth and beautiful. However, drinking too much black tea is also harmful for the skin.

Diabetes control

Black tea helps regulate blood glucose levels and raises sugar levels and this directly controls black tea.

Popular Black Tea Brands

In the local market, you will find many fluffy brands but if you consider quality then Rebnal tea is doing great these days. People are talking about this and they are dominant in the black tea market of the country. Renal tea is the Rebnal hillock Tea best black tea brand in Bangladesh.


Final Verdict


Black tea is very versatile as you can just drink the liquor, or you can make lemon tea from it. It can also be consumed by using milk. As the most popular type of tea in Bangladesh, many people do not know anything about it. Whats A Green Tea ? See Green Tea Price In Bangladesh.

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