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Recipe for milk tea & Good tea idea

Milk tea is a famous drink worldwide; it dates back to at least a century. Milk tea or chai is popular in bangladesh as a hot, steamy beverage that brings warmth to one’s soul after a long tiring day. It is drunk with snacks in the evening or during breakfast time to start the day right.

There is much tea available in India, but milk has a special place in the heart of locals.  Since it is comparatively easy to make, the drink is quite famous.

You can make tea in various ways. You can use cow’s milk, powdered milk, or condensed milk to make the delicious tea. If you visit the South Asian subcontinent, you will find vendors selling tea everywhere. They use unique techniques like pulling the tea from a height and then allowing the steam to set off.

In this recipe,  we only require four ingredients to make the milk tea. They are water, sugar, milk, and tea powder.


  • Two teaspoons of Tea Power
  • One cup of milk ( Around 250 ml) If you put more, it will taste like a milkshake
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 2/3 teaspoons of sugar. You can change the sugar levels according to your preference.

Time to prepare the tea: Only 2 minutes

Time to cook the tea: Around 10 minutes

Serving: Will depend. If you follow this recipe, it will be two servings. 

Instructions on how to cook:

  • Pour 1/4 cup of water in the saucepan and let it boil.
  • You need to add your tea powder and sugar to the mixture. Allow all of it to boil for 3-4 minutes. Make sure the flame is on medium.
  • You will add milk after the previous step. Allow the milk to boil for at least 6-7 minutes. You will see bubbles will start to form. You will see a mesmerizing change in the color of the tea. It will change from a fascinating shade from black to a light brown shade.
  • Then strain the tea in your favorite cups. Enjoy the hot beverage, add snacks and feel the warmth.

Helpful strategies to make tea taste better

Maybe you are someone who likes to drink creamier and milkier tea. If that is the case, then you may use milk only and ignore water. You will mix the tea powder, milk, and sugar in a saucepan. Allow it to boil for 6-7 minutes. After it is ready, enjoy your hot, creamy cup of milk tea.

If you like your tea to tasteless creamy, then follow the recipe. Just add more water instead of milk, and enjoy the tea.

For a fun and spicy twist to your tea, you may add the following. You can put ginger, cinnamon into your tea for a unique flavor. You can enjoy tea in any way you like. Add delicious snacks like chips or biscuits. It will be a tasty treat for you and your family.

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Top 10 Enormous Health Benefits of Black Tea: Risks, Nutrition Facts & More!

One of the most consumed beverages in the world is black water. Black tea is actually a fully oxidized tea. It is very strong in flavor. It contains more caffeine than other teas though less than coffee. Though it comes from the same plant, the preparation of black tea is different from other varieties. Black tea contains antioxidants. It has those compounds that can help in reducing inflammation in the body.

Black tea extract is occasionally useful as an herbal supplement. It also includes other types of herbs, vitamins, or minerals.

Generally, the green variety of tea rules in the Far East.  And black tea dominates the huge majority of sales in the Western world.  Black tea tastes very well plus has a range of potential health benefits.

Stay tuned to the very end of this article, you will get to know more interesting facts and information about this popular tea.


The health benefits of black tea are great. Here are some must-known facts about it.

  • In China, black tea is widely known as ‘red tea’.
  • About three-quarters of the world’s tea consumption is black tea and so the most popular variety of tea.
  • If you store black tea properly for a long time, it won’t lose its flavor.
  • Drink black tea after an indulgent meal. It can help your body to counteract the adverse effects of eating too much fatty food.
  • Black tea is a low-calorie drink. It is also inexpensive for you.
  • Brew black tea at a higher temperature. The high temperature helps it to release more antioxidants.
  • Try to let black tea stay black. If you add milk to it, it will lose its antioxidant potential.


  1. Adequate antioxidants: Black tea is one of the rich sources of antioxidants. Black tea’s antioxidant properties have so many healthy effects on our bodies. It helps to inhibit free radical generation. It also scavenges free radicals. It helps your body your cells against DNA damage. It also helps to decrease the risk of chronic disease. If you drink black tea regularly, it can module your antioxidant capacity. It will benefit your overall health.
  2. Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases: Black tea contains a group of antioxidants called flavonoids in high amounts. It helps in fixing coronary artery dysfunctions in heart patients. It also helps in reversing the abnormal functioning of blood vessels. It saves you from strokes, atherosclerosis, and other cardiovascular conditions. Black tea can help in decreasing risks posed by cardiovascular diseases. Regular consumption of black tea also decreases cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. It includes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, elevated triglyceride levels, and obesity. Drinking black tea can also reduce your chances of suffering a fatal or nonfatal stroke. It also helps you to reduce LDL cholesterol. Adding black tea to your regular diet is an easy way to lessen your risk of future health complications.
  3. Maintains Diabetes: Regular consumption of tea has antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects in people who suffer from type 2 diabetes. High blood sugar levels can increase your risk of health complications. It includes type-2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, and depression. Consuming large amounts of sugar increase the risk of type-2 diabetes. Black tea is an excellent non-sweetened beverage. It helps your body to enhance the use of insulin. Several compounds in tea are very good to improve insulin levels. Black tea can lower blood sugar and improve the process of how the body metabolizes sugar.
  4. Prevention of Cancer: Black tea may help prevent some types of cancer. Women who drink black tea frequently have a lower chance of ovarian cancer. Black tea contains polyphenols. And it may help prevent cancer cell survival. Black tea may play a role in regulating cancer cell growth. It may also reduce new cell development. The polyphenols in black tea may have good effects on breast cancer. Also, black tea may help in overcoming the spread of hormone-dependent breast tumors. But, black tea is not an alternative treatment for cancer. To clearly determine the link between black tea and cancer cells, more researches will be helpful.

  1. Manages Anti-bacterial Activity: Black tea polyphenols are popular for their antibacterial activity. Black tea also decreases the risk of Helicobacter pylori infection. The antibacterial properties of tea are very helpful as home remedies. It is very effective for smelly feet or soothing burns and rashes. Wash your feet in a water bath of strong black tea for thirty minutes. It will remove the smell from your feet. You can also apply a chilled teabag to inflammations for a soothing effect. Moreover, black tea may have the potential in preventing the development of Parkinson’s disease. Black tea contains high amounts of tannins and other chemicals. These chemicals have a positive and relaxing effect on the digestive system of the body.
  2. Ease Stress: Black tea contains stress-relieving properties in it. It has the ability to lift your mood. Black tea may even benefit people with mental illness. Consumption of black tea can help you to recover from a stressful task. It can decrease post-stress cortisol and has greater relaxation. Black tea contains the amino acid L-thiamine. It can help you to relax and concentrate better. After consuming black tea, you can improve your performance and accuracy immediately.
  3. Improvement of Oral Health: Black tea provides an antimicrobial effect. It also provides an inhibitory action on the bacterial and salivary enzymes. Regular consumption of black tea can reduce inflammation, prevent cavities, and stop the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Black tea decreases plaque formation. And it restricts bacteria growth that promotes the creation of cavities and tooth decay. Black tea contains Polyphenols that kill and surpass cavity-causing bacteria. It also delays the growth of bacterial enzymes that form the sticky-like material that binds plaque to our teeth.
  4. Boost Bone Density: Black tea improves the bone density of your body. Regular tea drinkers have a lower possibility of developing arthritis. They also have a lower possibility of arthritis due to the phytochemicals found in the black tea. Consumption of black tea can lead you to have stronger bones.
  5. Improves Skin and Hair Health: Black tea is useful in many cultures for skin- and hair-related problems. Black tea is as beneficial as face packs, hair packs. It is also useful for home remedies like relieving puffy eyes. Catechins in black tea are responsible for anti-aging, photoprotective, and antioxidant properties. The polyphenols in black tea develop the skin’s resistance to UV damage.  Unsweetened black tea can also help you to lose weight.
  6. Improve Immunity Systems: Regular consumption of black tea can help you to boost your immunity system. It also helps in preventing diseases and strengthens your immune system from within. The rich supply of antioxidants in black tea prevents DNA damage by free radical scavenging activity. Black tea also contains alkylamine antigens. It helps you to increase your immune response. Additionally, it contains tannins that can fight against viruses. Therefore, it keeps us protected from influenza, stomach flu and other commonly found viruses in the daily lives.


Black tea is very low in calories. So, 100 grams of black tea contains:

  • Water: 99.7 gm
  • Energy: 1 kcal
  • Iron: 0.02 mg
  • Magnesium: 3 mg
  • Phosphorus: 1 mg
  • Potassium: 37 mg
  • Sodium: 3 mg
  • Folate: 5 µg
  • Total fatty acids: 0
  • Caffeine: 20 mg
  • Carbohydrates: 0.3 gm
  • Dietary fiber: 0 gm
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg


The popular black tea has some certain types that people enjoy very much. They are:

1) Assam: This tea is a traditional black tea from the region of Assam in Northeast India. It tastes slightly bitter, malty. It is strong and bold. And the caffeine level in this tea is high.

2) Ceylon: It is a traditional black tea from Sri Lanka.  It tastes aromatic, flavorful, citrusy, and refreshing. It is Strong, Medium-bodied. And the caffeine level in this tea is high.

3) Darjeeling: It is a traditional black tea from West Bengal, India.  It tastes aromatic, soft, smooth, sweet. It is a light to medium-bodied tea. And the caffeine level in this tea is medium.

4) Dianhong cha (Yunnan tea): It is a traditional black tea from China/England.  It tastes citrusy, fruity, and smooth. It is a light to medium-bodied tea. And the caffeine level in this tea is medium.

5) Earl Grey: It is a traditional black tea from Yunnan, Southern China.  It tastes aromatic, soft, smooth, sweet. It is a medium tea. And the caffeine level in this tea is Medium-high.

6) English Breakfast Tea: It is a traditional black tea from Colonial America.  It tastes Aromatic, malty, robust. It is Full-bodied, strong. And the caffeine level in this tea is high.

7) Irish Breakfast Tea: It is a traditional black tea from Ireland.  It tastes malty, robust, rich, slightly astringent. It is full-bodied, strong. And the caffeine level in this tea is high.

8) Keemun Tea: It is a traditional black tea from Anhui, Eastern China.  It tastes aromatic, light, flowery, and fruity. It is a mild-medium tea. And the caffeine level in this tea is medium.

9) Lady Grey Tea: It is a traditional black tea from the United Kingdom/Norway.  It tastes light, flowery, fruity, and soft. It is a mild tea. And the caffeine level in this tea is medium-low.

10) Lapsang Souchong: It is a traditional black tea from Fujian, Southeastern China.  It tastes pine, rich, smoky, spicy. It is a medium-strong tea. And the caffeine level in this tea is medium-high.

11) Masala Chai: It is a traditional black tea from India. It tastes aromatic, fruity, flowery, and spicy. It is a medium tea. And the caffeine level in this tea is high.

Rebnal Hillock tea


Drinking black tea moderately is usually safe for most people. But, if you drink large amounts of black tea, it may cause health problems for you. Actually, it is because of caffeine-related side effects. The side effect you may experience includes:

  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Faster breathing
  • Headache
  • Increased urination
  • Asymmetrical heartbeat
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • High blood pressure
  • Anemia

Black Tea Ricks

Not only does tea benefit you, but if you drink tea at the right time and in the right way, Black Tea Ricks can be for you. You should never drink tea on an empty stomach to stay free of rickets. In addition, if you have diabetes, you should eat green tea instead of black tea. Then you will be free of ricks. Also consult a registered doctor.

If you combine black tea with other types of caffeine, it can be very dangerous for you. So, drink black tea on a regular basis but in moderate amounts.


There are lots of different techniques and customs to brew up a cup of black tea. You can follow any pattern you like. But there are three things common in every pattern that you like. These are the right tea, the right temperature, and the right time. When you will figure out these three things correctly, the rest is all up to you. Eventually, you will be the only person who can utter the best way to drink a cup of black tea.



  • Thai Tea: you have to mix black tea, spices, and coconut milk in this creamy Thai drink recipe. It is a non-alcoholic recipe.
  • Hong Kong Milk Tea: It is also popular as “pantyhose milk tea” or “silk stockings tea,” in Hong Kong. You will need condensed milk to make this recipe.
  • Masala Chai: Mix your own spices with black tea. By controlling the ingredients, you can also experiment with your own chai blends.
  • Tea Simple Syrup: This flexible tea-flavored simple syrup recipe is great for you to try. You can also enjoy it by making your favorite black teas into flavored syrups.
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Special types of Tea in Bangladesh

Tea is the second most used drink after water and it is an aromatic beverage that is normally prepared by pouring hot water into tea leaves or tea bags. It also can be prepared by adding some milk and sugar. We love tea as a refreshing drink which makes us feel great and enthusiastic. On the other hand, tea has some health benefits like- burns calories, reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. Though people all over the world drink tea, Turkey is famous for the most consumed tea-drinking country. This content is all about Tea but we also can get information about the history of tea, tea cultivation and processing, tea industry, tea market, and special types of tea in Bangladesh.

History of Tea

China is a country where tea was drinking for the first time. Tea drinking began in the Yunnan region for medical purposes by boiling tea leaves. People also believed that tea can be used as a stimulating drink. In 2737 BC, tea was innovated by Chinese legend from the southwest of China. During the 17th century, drinking tea becomes popular in Britain. Then the British started tea production and consumption in India to compete for the Chinese monopoly market on tea.

Types of Tea

There are different types of tea in the world and these are-

  • Green tea: Green tea has maximum health benefits from all types of tea. It is made from Camellia sinensis leaves and it is a less processed type of tea. The production process of green tea is collecting fresh leaves from the plant then they are steamed, pan-fried, and dried. Green tea was used as a traditional medicine in India and Japan. People normally drink green tea for losing weight. It also helps in reducing the risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.
  • Black tea: Black tea is more oxidized and stronger in flavors than all other tea. Camellia sinensis leaves turn into a dark brownish-black color by using a process called oxidation. It has caffeine and antioxidant. People drink black tea for alertness and energy. Drinking black tea regularly can decrease the risk of Diabetes, High cholesterol, Kidney stones, Parkinson’s disease, Osteoporosis, Cavities (Dental caries). On the other hand, drinking black tea at an extreme level causes health problems like High blood pressure, anxiety and difficulty sleeping, increased urination, irregular heartbeat, etc.
  • Oolong tea:

Oolong tea is prepared from the same plant of black and green tea but the process of Oolong tea is different. It is traditional Chinese tea and it is oxidized as between black tea and green tea. Oolong tea helps to prevent diabetes, improve heart health, and lose weight.

  • White tea: White tea is a tea that is minimally oxidized and made from young leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis. White tea is harvested when the young flowers are still covered by fine white hairs, for this reason, it is called white tea. The process of white tea is collecting leaves then they are steamed or fried to inactivate oxidation, and then dried. White tea is a mild-flavored tea with a soft finish and pale yellow color. There are two types of white such as Silver Needle and White Peony. It is useful for our skin health, Hair health, Oral health, Heart health, etc.
  • Instant tea: Instant tea is a powder in which water is added to re-form it into a cup of tea. Instant tea was promoted in the United Kingdom in 1885. It is made by using fresh tea leaves or processed leaves of fermented dried leaves. People normally use instant tea for some benefits like someone can control the flavor and reduce waste of tea, it’s easy to make. Instant tea may be harmful to drinking extreme and it may cause bone pain.
  • Post-fermented tea (Dark): Fermented tea is a class of tea that passes through a process of fermentation. Post fermented tea is the kind of tea that is prepared based on the degree of fermentation. When fresh leaves are collected, Processing involves fixation, rolling, and piling. It helps to regulate blood glucose and accelerates digestion.

Tea production in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the 10th largest tea producer country in the world. Tea is also an important and second export-oriented cash crop of Bangladesh. British rule introduced black tea in Bangladesh in 1840. East India Company introduced tea production in the Sylhet region for the first time in Bangladesh. Then tea cultivation was started in greater Chittagong. Bangladesh has 166 commercial tea gardens covering 279,439 acres of land and is listed as the 9th largest tea producer country in terms of area. Black tea is the most popular tea and the Moulovibazar district is the most tea plantations area in Bangladesh. In recent times, the demand for tea is increasing where the demand rate is 3% but the production of tea is very low where the growth rate of production is 1.23%. Bangladesh has huge possibilities for increasing tea production strategically.

Tea regions of Bangladesh

Tea plantation is suitable in rainy and hilly places and major tea gardens are located in hilly districts of Bangladesh. Sylhet, Habiganj, Moulovibazar which are closer to Assam of India, Chattagram and Panchagarh are the places where tea is cultivating in Bangladesh. There are 8 tea gardens in the Panchagarh area and Halda Valley Tea garden is the highest producing tea garden per hector in Fatikchari, Chittagong.

Processing of tea in Bangladesh

The leaves of tea are processed in the tea factories for producing tea so that suitable people can take it. Black tea is the most popular beverage in Bangladesh. Black tea manufacturing procedure involves the following operations: plucking, withering, processing/rolling, fermentation, drying, sorting, and packaging. The making of high-quality tea depends on the fineness of the plucked tea leaf. Withering is the first step in black tea processing. It involves the removal of moisture from the fresh leaf. The leaf is allowed to dry by using this process. The next step of tea manufacture is rolling. The objective of rolling is to release the natural juices from leaves and it is a kind of initial fermentation. Fermentation is the process of oxidizing green tea. Firing is important for fermented leaves. After firing tea has become dried and then it will be ready for packaging and selling.

Special tea in Bangladesh

Black tea is the tea that is generally taken by a large number of people. People drink black tea regularly but a portion of people loves to drink green tea for health-conscious. Bangladesh is the country where black tea is prepared in various styles. Such as-milk tea is prepared by adding milk in the liquor of black tea. On the other hand, black tea can drink by using different flavors and these are called Masala tea, Lemon tea, Malta tea, Sour and Spice tea, etc. Furthermore, there is a different type of famous tea in Bangladesh and it is Seven Color tea. This seven-color tea is available in a tea shop in Srimongol named Nilkantha Tea Cabin, Moulvibazar. The specialty of this seven-layer tea is, each layer contrasts in different colors and tastes. The ingredients of this tea are-

  1. Three different black teas
  2. Green tea
  3. Spices
  4. Lemons
  5. Condensed milk

Final verdict

Tea is the famous hot beverage of Bangladesh and the demand for tea is increasing day by day. For this reason, Bangladesh cannot export tea in recent times. From this content, we can know the types of tea and special tea in Bangladesh. The nature of Bangladesh is suitable for planting tea. If the production of tea grows by following strategies and using technologies, the demands of tea will be met and exports will increase in the country. This will also help the country’s GDP.

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Tea, is an Tremendous Drink

Who can expect a good morning without having a cup of Tea? I think no one. A very typical scene of the morning is a teacup in one hand and a newspaper in another. We are habituated to see this. Tea has an evergreen attachment to us. We love Tea either at home or in the office.  From entertaining a guest to a road shop, everywhere we cannot imagine anything without Tea. Moreover, it has become the most common culture to serve a guest with Tea.

How tea influences us?

Tea has an amazing appeal to everybody. There must have at least a tong (a small teashop) in every corner of Bangladesh we see.  Besides, not only in Bangladesh but also around the world, we see how popular Tea is. Most of people cannot deny the offer of tea at least. It extends the time of gossiping for sure. It has become the center of attention when it comes in front of us.

Famous English writer Douglas Adams once said, “A cup of tea would restore my normality.” Like Douglas, countless people cannot run a day without a cup of Tea. A cup of tea can be a person’s friend of weal and woe. When life is stuck for a while, people sit down hopelessly and try to find happiness in a cup of Tea. It will never lose its amazing attraction to us.

Types of Tea

There are so many types of Tea. But the question is, how much do we know about the variation of the Tea? If you search on the internet, you will find that Tea is the most popular drink. It is a type of hot drink. Tea leaf is being processed into powders and then boiled with hot water. From teenagers to olds, almost everyone likes to have Tea.

There are several types of Tea. Here is a list of some types of teas:

History of Tea

Tea was originated in China. Once, approximately in 2737 BC, the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung was sitting in nature. His servant brought him boiled water. Nevertheless, suddenly, some sorts of leaves fell in his boiled water. Thus, from that, Tea was invented. Nowadays, on almost all continents, people love Tea In Bangladesh, Sylhet is called ” ekti pata duti kori ” only because of producing Tea.

They supply countries wide Tea across every corner of the country. Once I was happened to visit Shamsher Nagar, Sylhet . My uncle was the chief accountant of Dankan Brother’s. It is to mention that Dankan Brother is one of the largest Tea exporting company to England since the British regime. I saw how things are done on the machine. Labor collects the tea leaves from the tea garden. After that, they dry the leaves and process it through a machine to produce Tea.


How can Tea be effective for your health? 

Tea does not only have a great taste but also has a good impact on our health. Here are some points on the importance of Tea on health:

  • Tea reduces stress.
  • It increases the endurance of exercise.
  • Tea decreases the risk of heart disease.
  • Antioxidants in Tea help fighting cancer.
  • It decreases the damage of DNA.
  • Tea hydrates the body.
  • It works as a refreshment for us.
  • Tea lowers the risk of Parkinson’s disease.
  • It protects us from UV rays.
  • Tea is helpful for patients who have type 2 diabetes.
  • It also counteracts the negative effects of smoking.
  • Tea contains lower caffeine that improves our affectivity.
  • Tea is a great drink for increasing our immune system.

From a variety of tea types, green tea has many more benefits than the other Teas. A Green is good for the skin, bones, body. It helps to reduce body fat. That’s why green tea is used as a weight loss solution. Besides, green tea can protect our bones from loss and make them strong. Therefore, whatever the type of Tea we drink, it is a must for us.

How Tea contributes to the economy

In the case of health and the case of economics, Tea is of great help. China is producing more Tea than any other country in the world. In 2019, they produced almost 1.8 million metric tons of green tea. They are the largest Tea exporter too. Then comes India’s place, followed by Indonesia. Assam is the world’s largest coherent Tea growing area.

Every year, these countries earn a lot from the tea industry. Moreover, the tea industry is a broad sector that creates employment scopes for a lot of rural people. Bangladesh is also remarkable in tea production. In Sylhet, Tea is cultivated in plenty. Bangladesh produces Tea to cope with the country’s needs and also exports the excess Tea to foreign countries.

When should you limit drinking Tea?

Again, everyone knows that excess of anything is bad. Therefore, excess having Tea has also side effects on our health. Here are some side effects of Tea listed:

  • Reduces iron absorption
  • Caffeine, in the long run, increases restlessness.
  • Cause of poor sleep.
  • Nausea
  • Heartburn
  • Create pregnancy complications
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Caffeine dependence.

In a word, some people become addicted to Tea, as there is caffeine. However, not all these side effects would attack if Tea were taken in a limited amount.

Therefore, Tea is not just a drink for some people; it is an emotion. In the busy lifestyle of this modern era, family members gather in one place for drinking Tea. Reunions are held in the name of a tea invitation. People call friends and relatives over a tea invitation to pass their leisure. Rural people argue over politics and sports in the local teashops. So many memories are involved in drinking Tea. That’s why some people claim that Tea is the most important drink after water.

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Tea price in Bangladesh

Tea is a tremendous thing. Amongst all the beverages tea is the first priority of the people of Bangladesh for its popularity. When we have guests in our home the first thing that comes before they are a cup of tea. Our morning doesn’t start without a cup of tea and even the evening snack is considered incomplete without this special beverage. Black Tea prices in Bangladesh may differ in kinds and brands. We will talk about details in this article so far.

Well, tea is the 2nd top cash crop in exporting. In the country, too tea production has developed a quality service and variety of flavors. You can get tea at a wholesale and retail price both offline and online. You can have different types of tea in Bangladesh.

Tea and its price

The price of tea varies from one type of tea to another Tea. Basically, it is because of the molecules, tastes, and demands. When the demand is higher, the price hikes. But then again, there are deals and sometimes the price falls too. Coming to the taste that matters the most, each type is different from the other and tastes different. People prefer tea as per their taste. Hence, the price varies.

Offline we get tea at wholesale and retail price both and cheap. But if we want a better quality tea without stepping out, online is a better option.

We will get black tea at an affordable price and the prices are more stable than normal offline stores or wholesale. There are times when you can be betrayed by a shopkeeper but online the chance is less.

Online services these days are providing quality stuff so you can give it a go and get better quality tea just at your hand. If you are an office-going person and can’t make yourself to the general stores or regular market, the online takeaway is perfect for you. Just order and have the best organic teste of your favorite tea.

Various kinds of tea with their price

Tea prices are almost the same both online and offline, we enlisted here in detail.The usually online price of tea is typically less than the offline market. We mentioned here mainly in online price

CD Dust Tea

Cd Dust tea is found in powdered form. It is a strong liquor tea with immense freshness. It is famous in Khulna and Rajshahi district.

You can get a wholesale price both offline and online. But in a busy life where we can get things online so why offline. You can get the Comfortable  CD Dust Tea 20 kg for 6,400 tk.. (+-)

Good Tea Garden


BOP Tea is a granulated tea. This is a type of tea that should be kept in kettles so that it could give away the liquor. This is famous among Sylhet, Chittagong, Dhaka, Mymensingh, etc. Besides, the OF Tea BOP has a high demand in Dhaka city. The people here use BOP tea more often because it can be kept in the kettle for a long time. The tradition of keeping tea in the kettle and serving as per needs is pretty common in all over Bangladesh. So, in sense, it is a very famous tea type within the People of Bangladesh. It is priced at 15,657 tk for 55kg online and you can enjoy the organic flavor of it. (+-) Price High and Low.

Loose Tea


GBOP Tea is likely to BOP Tea but smaller in granules and less in price. It is also very popular among people. People always look for stuff which saves money so it is in high demand among the people. Something the price fluctuates but online you have a stable price and sell or deals at times. So, it is better to order online and have organic refreshments. It is priced at around 14,575 tk for 55kg which is pretty cheap.

PD Tea

It is a combination of Gbop, PF, and OF. It can be the combination of, PF, RD, and Dust too. It is good to have an amalgamated taste in your mouth at times. This gives a variety in the regular teste. So, sometimes people prefer this type of tea on occasions or special events. It enhances the flavor and complements the tea. So, everyone should have a sip from this tea.

The wholesale online price for this is 14,300 tk for 55kg which is enough to have a journey to a new flavor. (+-) Price High and Lowest.

OF Tea

This tea we people normally get beside the streets is basically tea. It is all the time favorite tea among the office guys and students. They are real consumers of roadside tea.

The fragrance of this tea just drags you to it. While walking beside the road, you can’t resist yourself to buy a cup of Tea. The aroma will bring you to it.

It is priced at 14,575 to for 55 online and maybe cheaper in other companies. It is always a reasonable tea and enriched in taste.

RD Tea

This tea is refreshing and strong at the same time.It is another type of tea which is Strong in teste.
When you are just as tired as hell, this is the perfect one to try. It instantly refreshes and re-energies the mind and the body. This is priced at 15,920 tk for 55 kg.

Dust Tea

This is really famous amongst the people of Bangladesh. This is the regular tea we have at  Hotel Dust . To energise your morning and evening, a cup of DUST Tea is enough.

You will get it at 14,300 tk for 55 kg.If you want DUST Tea at hand without stepping out, online order is the perfect option for you.

Green Tea

Green Tea is getting more famous day by day. People are getting conscious about health and banking upon green tea nowadays. It increases your metabolism rate and digestion at the same time helps you to lose weight. It is a really healthy tea for each and everyone and people getting its value too.

You can get 100gm at 400 tk online which is really cheap.

Rebnal Tea Brand Packet

Tea is a dramatic drink. By taking people often find it energetic. Tea enthusiasts say, without tea, they don’t have the energy to work further. Tea business is really a strange beverage market in word wide. It can change a person’s mood instantly. People drink tea. Writers drink tea while writing, readers drink tea while reading, designers drink tea while making a masterpiece, even people drink tea while just listening to a song. Tea has a huge impact on especially the people of Bangladesh.

Loose Bage 55Kg Tea

Other than Bengalis, the English also find tea very useful. It’s proven that tea is a kind of caffeine and it has such ingredients in it which work on people’s brains to be more active. So, drinking tea is always appreciated but drinking too much is forbidden. When one drinks tea many times a day it affects their body and mind. They become dependent on it which is not a good thing. But people drink tea and most can’t live without it.

While people are getting familiar with online stuff and all, getting tea online brings a huge excitement among people. Every time people are busy buying tea in markets but when tea is reaching you by itself, you should give it a go.
So after all this let’s cup of a tea?


Job Title: Tea Taster/BIender

Rebnal Tea published new jobs offer.  Jobs Job Title Tea Taster/BIender. How to apply online and full jobs description.

Full Jobs Description

Responsibilities    : Determining the Quality of a Particular Tea & Making Different Blend for Different Brand & Quality Controlling.

Number of Positions    : 01

Work Location    : Anywhere in Bangladesh

Educational Qualification: Graduation in any Discipline, in case of Experienced Candidates

Educational Qualification May be Considered

Age Limit: Maximum 35 years

Experience: Minimum 5 Years of Work Experience in Tasting & Blending Tea

Other Qualification: Candidate Must Have Good Knowledge in Tasting & Blending Tea

Apply Instructions:
Interested Candidates are Requested to Send Their CV’s with 2 Copies of Recent Passport Size Photo, Photocopy of NID Card and Experience Certificates in the Following Address or in E-mail : Within 15th November 2020

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Bubble Tea, What You Should Know about it Exactly ?

Who doesn’t love tea? Around the world there are lots of kind,and each and everyone are different flavour and taste riches. We here come to know a different and delicious kind. Hope you are enjoyed this article for its masala information.lets have a look –

Does the name ‘bubble tea’ mean, it contains a lot of bubbles? No, not at all; inside the cup of this tea, some pearl-sized chewy balls are added. For this reason, this tea is well-known as ‘Bubble Tea’ or ‘Boba Tea’. Found almost worldwide, generally, bubble tea can be termed as a mixture of food and drink; alternatively, can be termed as a ‘drink snack’.


Toppings are found at the bottom of this drink. Tapioca pearls, a starch made from the cassava root, are black in color. Before using it as a topping for bubble tea, some processing is mandatory. Firstly, it is boiled and cooked and made soft and chewy. Then, it is mixed with brown sugar or syrup or honey for sweetening.


To prepare a perfect bubble tea, these pearls are put in the bottom and various types of fruit juices, fresh fruits, brewed teas, ice, milk are also put together. Then, the drink is shaken to blend the ingredients.

Rebnal Tea Brand In Bangladesh


The History and Recent Story of This Drink:

More than 30 years earlier bubble tea was introduced in Taiwan in 1980. After that, it has become a trendy drink almost all over the world. In the USA, there were over 800 shops of bubble tea by the year 2018. In the early ’90s, bubble tea became prevailing in Hong Kong and Japan. Later on, international dealers introduced the product in Chinatowns throughout North America. Afterward, bubble tea gained popularity in Non- Asian areas too.


Nowadays, this tea is taken almost as often as soda, smoothies, or coffee. Additionally, ‘Kung Fu Tea’ declared ‘National Bubble tea day’ on 30th April 2018. This was for the purpose of spreading the culture of bubble tea.



Available Bubble Tea Kits One Can Buy Easily:

Bubble tea lovers can make their own bubble tea at home by themselves. For this purpose, bubble tea kit is necessary. This kit can be found in online stores or local stores around the U.S. Usually a bubble tea kit contains the following products:


  • Powders of various flavors
  • Fat bubble tea straws
  • Black tea
  • Green tea
  • Plastic measuring scoop
  • Tapioca black pearls
  • Instructions and recipe


It is recommended to make bubble tea at home when there are so many people to offer. Because, it takes an adequate amount of time to complete the whole process of making bubble tea.


One can bring bubble tea kits and make tea at home since bubble tea shops are closed at this moment. Here are some kits available in Amazon online store:


  • Hanover Shops Collection for Bubble Tea:

It’s a popular brand of bubble tea kit. They offer WufuYuan black tapioca pearls, Pantai tea mix, Disposable Straws. They come in a nicely decorated labeled box.


  • Jumbo Boba Bubble tea kit: 

It can make more than 30 cups of drinks! Also offers 3 different flavors such as Mocha, Spiced Chai Tea Latte, and Milk tea. The package also includes Tapioca pearls, 5 cups, 5 bubble leads, 5 fat straws, and a tea shaker.


  • DeDe instant Boba Tea Kit:

This kit contains 9 bubble teas with 3 different flavors. Also, there are boba straws, Buddha bubbles black tapioca pearls inside the package.


  • Qbubble Tea Mango Powder:

It offers a mango-flavored tea as well as WufuYuan tapioca pearls. This perfect mango bubble tea kit contains 50 pieces of bubble size straw, Mango powder. An instruction manual to make a perfect delicious bubble tea.


Mandatory Bubble Tea Supplies and Equipment One Should Know About:

To prepare bubble tea, a business owner has to decide which equipment and supplies should be purchased from the market.


Although fancy equipment is not always necessary for preparing bubble tea, many bubble tea business owners prefer fancier equipment to add elegance to their businesses.



At least, these following bubble tea supplies are necessary to make a bubble tea: 


  • Measuring scoop: 

Measuring scoops are vital for making a balanced tea. For this reason, several sized scoops should be purchased.


  • Container for cooked tapioca:

Once the tapioca is clocked, it must be stored in a plastic container.


  • Container for powders of bubble tea flavor:

An airtight container would be better to store the flavored powder. These containers may keep the moisture out as much as possible.


  • Stove to cook tapioca:

An electric or gas stove is necessary to cook the tapioca. In the case of space limitations, electric rice can be used as an alternative.


  • A pot to cook tapioca:

A big pot of size almost 5 gallons is highly recommended for the purpose of cooking tapioca.


  • Strainer:

The strainer is used for draining and rinsing the water since water must be drained from cooked tapioca.


  • Fat Straws:

To drink bubble tea with tapioca fat straws are necessary. A slant-cut straw will be very effective when penetrating the seal film on the top of the tea-cup. Also, this type of straw can be useful to suck up all the tapioca at the bottom of a cup.


  • Cups and lids:

Cups for containing the bubble tea and lids are ideal for storing the tea for a long time.


  • Shaking cup:

A shaker machine will be too expensive for making bubble tea at home. Instead of it, stainless steel or plastic made shakers can be applied. The plastic shaker is preferable, because, it doesn’t cause a temperature change of the drink. On the other hand, the stainless-steel shaker becomes too cold to hold when liquid is poured.




Other non-mandatory equipment may be included:


  • A blender:

Adding a blender is an optional choice for business owners. A blender mixes the fruits with bubble tea. Blended bubble tea is a perfect mixture that can be drunk without leaving any residue.


  • Machine for sealing cup:

It makes the top of the bubble tea cup sealed with thin plastic film. Various seal-tape of different designs are used to entertain customers. This seal film doesn’t allow the cup to spill drink when carrying.


  • Syrup pumper:

Dispensing syrup from a pump of syrup makes it easier for the staff in a shop.


In order to prepare a bubble tea perfectly, these supplies are vital. Various online stores are selling these bubble tea supplies, from where the bubble tea business owners can buy according to their budget.


How to Make Bubble Tea at Home Comfortably Following a Perfect Recipe:

So many flavors of bubble tea are trendy, like plain tea such as jasmine or black tea; fruit flavors like strawberries; and even taro, a tropical plant used mostly in Asia. The good news is, bubble tea can be prepared at home comfortably.


Teas with strong flavor are highly recommended since it will be mixed with milk and crushed ice. So, according to an ideal bubble tea recipe, retaining the flavor of the tea will contribute to a tasty outcome. For this purpose, Ceylon or Assam tea leaves would be a good choice. The bubble tea recipe that describes how to make bubble tea, includes tea, milk, tapioca, and a sweetener.


Firstly, strong black tea is chosen and put into the water. While boiling the tea, some sugar is added into it. After brewing the tea, it should be cooled down to room temperature.


Secondly, tapioca pearls need to be boiled for 7-15 minutes (varies according to the quality of pearls). But, it must be ensured that the pearls don’t get stuck together.


Finally, cooked tapioca pearls are put at the bottom of a cup. Then, crushed ice and black tea are poured into that cup. Milk will also be added to this mixture. The combination is then shaken by hand and the final outcome becomes ready.



Health Issues Related to Drinking Bubble Tea:


Unluckily, it is an argumentative matter, whether bubble tea is good for health or not. But, some facts are needed to be known:


  • Good side:


Bubble tea is good for health if you can make it using the proper ingredients. So what are the benefits of bubble tea? These are as follows:

  1. This tea can increase your metabolism and energy. Because of the caffeine and sugar, bubble tea is considered as a fantastic source of energy enhancer.
  2. Green tea, one of the best flavors of bubble tea, helps to strengthen the immune system of the human body.
  3. As bubble tea is a mixture of drink and food, you can serve it as a drink snack. In addition, the ingredients are good for health as well as mind. Because it includes fruit juices or fresh fruits, brewed teas, ice, and milk to make this tea.
  4. Bubble tea has anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants in it. These things make your heart and the vessel of blood walls stronger. It also precludes the arteries to form plaque.
  5. The free radical damage of a human body can be the reason of mutation. This mutation can cause cancer and chronic disease. You can easily avoid these diseases and risks of health by adding green tea in your bubble tea. Moreover, you should keep this flavor in your daily routine.

Bubble tea is an amazing item of tea for the business people as well as the tea-lovers. But it becomes much healthy when you make it at home. You can make your own healthy bubble tea by using some ingredients. Though you have to give some time to make, it worth it for you because you won’t need to rush in a tea shop for having a cup of tea



  • Bad side: High sugar or powdered milk is used in some conditions. These create health hazards. Also, in some cases, artificial color and other ingredients are found that degrade health conditions.


However, as a mixture of good and bad sides, extreme drinks lovers are may be allowed to take a cup of bubble tea occasionally.


10 Bubble Tea Brands One Must Try in The U.S.:


There are various brand over the world. Though the basic ingredients are same but flavour and taste can be varied.If someone is in search of a bubble tea shop near him or her, can try these following tea brand shops for an exclusive flavor and amazing taste:


COCO FRESH Tea and Juice: 

After establishing in Taiwan, it grew rapidly in China. Later, being a recognized and dominating brand for bubble tea, the brand started to explore the market in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the U.S. Recently, they are offering their Sweet potato and Taro series Bubble tea price at only $3.99!



Founded in 1992, in Taiwan, Sharetea started delivering black tea and milk tea. Their beverages, made with top-graded tapioca pearls and tea leaves, helped become popular quickly. Kiwi fruit tea, Hawaii fruit tea, and Aiyu Jelly are some of their best-selling items. Bubble tea price here lies between $2.99 to $4.25.


TAI CHI Bubble Tea:

It was first introduced in the year of 2015 in the United States. Taichi bubble tea shop offers milk teas that include flavors such as Thai coffee, Taro, Mango, or Taichi green milk tea. Currently, they have added new flavors like sweet potato, matcha. At this moment, Tai Chi Bubble Tea has launched 8 stores across the U.S., so far. Bubble tea price here is between $3.75 to $4.25.


KUNG FU tea:

Across the U.S. Kung Fu Tea has spread its Tea shops. They have been emphasizing on quality, flavor, and their performance to expand their popularity. One can get easily entertained in their shops since card games are available! This shop can be a great choice for someone, wants to become relaxed for a while.


FAT STRAWS Bubble Tea:

If someone is really conscious about your health, he/she should choose this shop. Because they have a bubble tea menu which includes only gluten-free items! One can enjoy soy milk, coconut milk, or almond milk as a dairy backup for the brewed teas.


VIVI Bubble Tea:

First introduced in New York, in the year 2007, ViVi Bubble Tea has been expanding its business all over the U.S. Currently, It has 70 branches and continues to provide the best quality and service to the customers. ViVi Bubble Tea ensures extraordinary quality, by bringing original ingredients from Taiwan.


One should check the exceptional ViVi Bubble Tea menu, which offers multiple types of delicious items such as Vivi signature fruit tea, Milk Tea, Cream Float, Organic milk tea, Yakult drink, Slush series, Flavored tea, etc.



They also provide gluten-free products in most of their items. The surprising fact is, they make products from natural and fresh elements. They offer unique milk cream in their tea items which makes them exceptional from other bubble tea stores.



Some special features about their products have made them famous. Like, they make the fructose-free syrup by themselves and use organic milk for tea. People of Los Angeles, New York, and SF Bay Area in the U.S. may want to try these delicious items. Bubble tea price here is reasonable and ranges from $4- $4.5.



When someone wants a quality bubble tea made with the best herbal, oolongs, and coffee products, Seattle Best Tea would be the best option. They import quality tea from Taiwan and that improves the quality of their products too. Their milk bubble tea is priced at only $3.99, which is an amazing offer! They offer flavors like Jasmine milk tea, Black milk tea, or Taro.



Their drinks don’t contain any artificial ingredients like powder, artificial flavoring, or fructose. That makes their selling items unique and famous. Exceptional sweetened bubble tea can be found here. Other than drinking bubble tea, one can find desserts and ice creams here.


Final Words About Bubble Tea

Taiwan is undeniably the ‘capital of bubble tea’ of the world. Instead of coffee, nowadays, bubble tea is a necessary drink usually during break times. In the last several decades, this ‘Bubble Tea’ or ‘Boba tea’ has become a popular beverage not only in Taiwan but also in other parts of Asia, Europe, and North America. Nowadays, whoever wants a delicious cup of bubble tea, can search and find a bubble tea shop near him or her.I think if you are not drinking it before  you feel lust and can’t wait to taste a new flavor of tea in the veryfirst time when you will see it. So serach this in your surrounding and enjoy it. Happy Drinking.



In this brief article we try to illustrate easily what is bubble tea, its pros and cons briefly and why is necessary to know? We took it from variable trusted  sources so that you don’t need to confuse about this information at all.

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Black Tea price in Bangladesh



Black is the most popular and sold type of tea in whole Bangladesh. Probably most of us grew up drinking black tea regularly. However, most of us have never even known the fact that this is black tea.

Yes, black tea is very important for the Bangladeshi inner markets. So, it is always going to be the most produced type of tea in the country. Most of the tea stall owners use black tea for multiple types of tea. We will discuss here about the black tea quality and price in Bangladesh.

Today, we are going to focus on black tea only. What is it, why is it good both for the consumer and the countries inner market? Let us discuss the issues with you.

Rebnal Loose Black Tea

What is Black Tea?

We get black tea from a tea plant called Camellia Sinesis. What makes this type of tea plant special is the strong flavor. The reason behind its strong flavor is the oxidation.

So, black tea can oxidize more than oolong, yellow or white tea. And thanks to the oxidation, the green leaves of the tea plant turn dark black.

Not just that, most of the other tea loses its flavor within a year or so. On the other hand, black tea can retain its strong flavor.


What does Black Tea contain and types of black tea?

Black tea contains 20 mg caffein, a stimulating substance called theophylline. It also comes with polyphenol which keeps your DNA cell away from damage.

There are three types of black tea in Bangladesh and they are often called CTC (cut, tear, curl). Well, these three are divided depending on the blend of the plant.

Rebnal Black Tea

The benefits of Black Tea?

Cure Cancer

As black tea contains some of the important vegetable and fruit antioxidants, the tea can defend harmful cancer molecules.



Black Tea contains some chemicals and tannins that are helpful for the digestion process. It can also cure diarrhea.

Heart Disease Control

Black Tea is beneficial for those who suffer from heart disease, and it maintains proper blood circulation from the heart to body and body to heart either. The tea has the capability to control and deal with the high-blood pressure.

Asthma Control

Those who have asthma or shortness of breath, Black Tea is very helpful to them. The doctor also suggested them for drinking black tea.

Blood Circulation to the Brain

 Black tea has low caffeine. Therefore, blood flows properly to the brain without any side effects.

Nourish the Hair

Drinking two cups of black tea every day helps nourish the hair and makes hair roots stiff.


The biggest benefit of black tea is that makes the skin smooth and beautiful. However, drinking too much black tea is also harmful for the skin.

Diabetes control

Black tea helps regulate blood glucose levels and raises sugar levels and this directly controls black tea.

Popular Black Tea Brands

In the local market, you will find many fluffy brands but if you consider quality then Rebnal tea is doing great these days. People are talking about this and they are dominant in the black tea market of the country. Renal tea is the Rebnal hillock Tea best black tea brand in Bangladesh.


Final Verdict


Black tea is very versatile as you can just drink the liquor, or you can make lemon tea from it. It can also be consumed by using milk. As the most popular type of tea in Bangladesh, many people do not know anything about it. Whats A Green Tea ? See Green Tea Price In Bangladesh.

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Green Tea price in Bangladesh


Green tea is not actually a popular type of tea in Bangladesh. Well, yes, the popularity of green tea is starting to grow and many tea estates are starting to cultivate it. However, the tea is not well spread among commoners.

Today, we are going to talk about green tea, its benefit, how it’s made, price, and other important things in Bangladesh.

Green Tea Price In Bangladesh

Green tea is currently gaining popularity in Bangladesh. Green Tea price varies in Bangladesh. Basically, these prices depend on the quality of the green tea. For example, BTRI Green Tea Price in BD is one of the most valuable teas. When you buy open green tea, you should know the prices first. We sell different types of green tea. In general, from the best green tea to low green tea, you will get everything. And if you buy the green at branding, you can buy our 100 gram g-Camsin Green Tea. You can see the detailed retail price of Green Tea here. 

What is Green tea?

Green tea is actually not a color beverage. Well, green tea is very popular in Japan and is not quite familiar among common people in the sub-continent. What makes this tea different from other types is the processing system.

Unlike ordinary black tea, green tea doesn’t get its granular shape. In many cases, they remain just small leaves. Not just that, manufacturers can store the tea faster than other types of tea.

Thanks to the unique processing, green tea can retain a lot of antioxidants and provides a lot of health benefits.

What does Green Tea contain?

Green Tea contains tannins, which gives green tea its astringent flavor. They have antioxidant and antibacterial elements in them that are very much effective for health. It also contains caffeine, a few vital vitamins called vitamin B, C, E, and many other ingredients like theanine, alkalinity, fluorine,saponins, etc.

Green Tea

The benefits of Green Tea?

Lose weight

Green tea can increase metabolism. Green tea’s polyphenols help in the process of making calories from food by making the body’s fat oxidation process more efficient. As a result, excess fat cannot accumulate in the body.

Diabetes control

Green tea helps regulate blood glucose levels. After eating, blood sugar levels rise, which directly controls green tea.


Green tea is very beneficial. This green tea leaf is soaked in water for a few days and then strained and applied to the base of the tree, it acts as a fertilizer.

Reduce heart disease

Scientists believe that green tea works in every vein of the body. As a result, blood circulation remains normal. So even if the blood pressure changes for any reason, it does not cause any harm.

Moreover, green tea does not allow blood to clot. That’s why the chances of having a heart attack are greatly reduced.

Esophageal cancer

Green tea helps reduce the risk of esophageal cancer. It also eliminates cancer cells altogether without damaging the good cells.


Green tea helps reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol in the body. It also helps to increase the amount of beneficial cholesterol.

Prevent disease

Green tea is very beneficial for the body. It helps in preventing all diseases of the body. Green tea protects the body cells from harmful effects, resulting in increased immunity.

Increasing memory

Green tea helps improve memory. It refreshes various parts of the body from the inside out and also helps in enhancing memory. Although there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, it can improve the condition by regulating the levels of acetylcholine, which is responsible for Alzheimer’s.

Overcome depression

The amino acid ‘theanine’ is naturally found in green tea leaves. This ingredient helps reduce anxiety and depression.

Keep good teeth

Green tea’s antioxidant called ‘catechin’ destroys various bacteria and viruses inside the mouth. Which reduces various dental problems including throat infections. It also prevents dental cavities by destroying oral bacteria.

How to make green tea?

Well, you can always use the tea bag to make a good cup of green tea. However, you must make sure the temperature is right. Add some sweeter to make them taste better.

Local market is flooded with various brands but the Rebnal Tea is progressing as the best green tea brand in Bangladesh. Other brands are using advanced technology to fake the low quality products and selling on their brand names, Renal is Getting popular day by day.

Final Verdict

Thanks to the enormous health benefits, green tea is getting popular in China and Japan. Even in Bangladesh, the tea is starting to get popular. Manufacturers are cultivating it and day by day, people are getting attracted to it. Whats a black tea ? Black Tea Price In Bangladesh.

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How to do tea business in Bangladesh 


Bangladesh is a very prosperous country in terms of the tea business. Even Bangladesh ranks tenth in the world in terms of tea production. Is Becoming a successful entrepreneur in Bangladesh your goal? The tea business is the right choice then. But if you’re going to start a business, you must first know how to do the tea business in Bangladesh. First of all, let’s see the history of the tea business in Bangladesh.

It started in the British period.  But later, it also started in Chittagong. The next story is known to almost all of us. Bangladesh made incredible progress in the tea industry. Bangladesh accounts for 3% of the world’s total tea supply. Also, a large part of the export industry of Bangladesh’s economy comes only from the tea industry.

The popularity of tea business is increasing but not decreasing over the years. I have arranged this article in such a way that you can know the details about it.

Tea Business: A profitable and  Potential business

Tea business is an active business in business terms of Bangladesh. There are many reasons why you should start a tea business. Let’s find out why tea business has potential in Bangladesh:

Huge tea producing area

Moulvibazar area of ​​Sylhet can be said to be the heart of tea production in Bangladesh. Out of 166 gardens, 93 gardens are in Moulvibazar. So if you want to do a tea business plan in Bangladesh, you must prioritize the Sylhet region.

People love Tea!

Tea is a trendy drink among the people of Bangladesh. From village tong shops to modern restaurants in the city, Tea is a triumph everywhere. So keep an eye on the quality,  of course, you don’t have to be worried about the sale.

Tea Business: Step by Step Guidance

Is it so easy to start a tea business? To be honest, not at all. There are many things you need to know before starting a business.

Doing the local tea business in Bangladesh is very competitive. To survive here, you have to maintain quality as well as all the excellent strategies. There are many reputed local companies in Bangladesh. It’s a little difficult to compete with them as a new business.

So how to start a tea business as a beginner? You need to know some vital information before starting the business. Such as about the wholesale tea market, competitors, other best companies, etc. Now I will explain to you step by step how to start the tea business.

Learn About Tea: This is one of the most crucial business advice for you. Before you start any business, you need to know about the company you want to start. Likewise, you need to know about Tea before starting a tea business. In this case, you need to know the details of tea production. The season, the timing is significant among them.

You also need to know what kind of diseases or problems can occur in tea leaves. Finally, you need to know how other traders are doing a tea business. The work is quite a pursuit but very important. Let me share a surprising thing with you in this context. Many business people work as employees in other companies. Why? To learn about the business because the user experience is significant for the business.

Business Strategy is essential: Well, your idea is necessary. An idea can change everything. Business strategy may vary from person to person. Unique designs are considered as critical points of a successful business. Tea business is so much competition. So a small approach here might be the trump card for you.

Again, the wrong approach can lead to your downfall. But How to create the perfect plan? The best way to do this is to study and analyze. Then, what kind of study should you do? So you have to follow some of these other’s business methods. You need to know what methods others are using.  Besides, you need to do data analysis.

Execution is more important:  Many great ideas fail if the performance is not proper. To improve your business, you have a better understanding of the environment where you are doing business. Well, numerous places in Bangladesh give people different tastes. It is in the country just like that. To get a good boost in the tea business, you have to understand the area and its tradition and people.

Starting an online or physical tea store seems to be quite a startup concept. People drink tea day by day, and various tea varieties are becoming popular in Bangladesh. Much of the tea store is locally developed in Bangladesh. Online tea stores are not so common in these moments. Starting a proper tea shop will take a lot of stress on you, though.

Plan a perfect Marketing Strategy:    The next thing a tea company wants is a proper marketing plan. As you can see, Bangladesh’s tea industry is callous. And to survive, you have to make a healthy marketing plan. Advertisement, help, deals have a considerable effect on unsuccessful marketing strategy. It is essential how you are to communicate with the customer—dealing with your presence and your bud online.

Here are some excellent marketing ideas that you can follow:

  • Partner with various restaurants, cafes, and coffee/tea shops to draw more clients.
  • Build a website and employ an SEO writer to automate trafficking to the fullest.
  • Participate in food fairs, festivals, and related activities. And include discount deals or gifts to create a new friendship.
  • Seek to get the company funded to show it.
  • Don’t forget to mention your tea company in the company folders.

4 Learn About the wholesale market:  To run a tea business, you must know about the wholesale tea market in Bangladesh. Also, you need to have an idea about the location. It’s challenging to find an excellent place for tea business in Bangladesh. Especially if you’re starting your own tea company, you’d better try looking for the right spot. Most of BD’s stores are crowded; ads without choosing the right place; starting a business will be hard.

After buying wholesale, you have to sell the Tea in retail. So, in this case, it is essential to choose your location. You must first choose a place that is suitable for buying wholesale. Then you need to determine the site for retail. So you need to understand the wholesale market to understand the whole process.

Why Tea wholesale?

Relying on the tea box or from any department store would increase your costs. But you need to cut your price to do your business. Some local manufacturers can provide daily blend tea for you. When you can work with any reputable supplier of Tea, though-having, an excellent brew or blend is not a big deal. Yeah, you can get a drink from your tea garden right away. All you have to do is draw up a contract.

Tea wholesaler in Bangladesh:   Naturally, there are more tea wholesalers in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh. Because most of the gardens in Bangladesh are in the Sylhet region, if you can’t collect directly from the garden, you need to buy from a wholesaler. Do you have your yard or a known garden? If not, it is better to buy from wholesalers. Because it will do your job much more; however, it will cost a little more than to collect directly from the garden.

It is not just that you will find wholesalers in the Sylhet region. At present wholesale Tea, sellers are available in Dhaka. So even if you stay away from Sylhet now, it is not a big problem. Many traders feel comfortable buying from wholesalers in Sylhet. However, there is nothing uncomfortable. In Dhaka too, good Tea is being sold in wholesale. Tea wholesaler in Dhaka has made the process easier.  Because of them, people all over Bangladesh can now do a tea business.

Pricing of the Tea: It is essential to have a beautiful combination of retail and wholesale buying. Just as it is critical to selling at a fair price, it is also necessary to buy at a low cost. You need to have a good idea about the price of your Tea before starting a business. Of course, there are quite a few differences in wholesale and retail prices. Moreover, the pricing of Tea varies from place to place.

The big companies of Bangladesh collect Tea directly from Sylhet. There you will usually find at a much lower price than in Dhaka. The retail price of Tea fluctuates. Depending on the supply or more than the demand, so often the price goes up or down. For example, the amount of Tea has come down in the market of Bangladesh recently. Currently,  tea price per kg in Bangladesh is 243 tk.

Tea leaf business in the context of Bangladesh

The context of Bangladesh or we have analyzed the market for those of you who will start a new tea leaf business. They must read this article seriously. Because the business in Bangladesh is not as much as you dream of doing business. In reality it is much more difficult.

Tea business plan in Bangladesh

If you want to do business well then you need to get the tea leaf business plan right. You do market research and find out everything from the people from whom you will buy and sell tea leaves. Because this business is in Chittagong, and Sylhet, but you can get good tea at wholesale from Srimangal. You come to Srimangal and visit the tea market. Also do enough research for you to buy wholesale tea leaves. 

Study and analyze Bangladesh’s top-notch companies:

By analyzing the top-notch companies, we will have a much deeper idea. Their business strategy will give you a lot of ideas. You get ideas from everything from production to marketing. That’s why you need to make a list first. The list of tea companies in Bangladesh will help you to analyze more.  By looking at their data analysis, marketing processes, etc., you can easily understand how you should do business.

Best tea company in Bangladesh: Don’t know which company you will buy wholesale from? It is normal to be confused by the crowd of many companies. So from my analysis, I will give you the details of ​​the best tea company.

Rebnal Tea has already made the best name for Bangladesh’s retail. And wholesale sales. It is not that they only supply Tea. In addition to black and green Tea, they provide fresh lemons and fruits. It has gained an excellent reputation in Bangladesh in a short period. Because it gives the best product in terms of quality, their main service facilities are:

Free Shipping:   The best advantage of working with them is that you no longer have to pay for transportation. If you order just above 55 kg, your full delivery charge is free. So it will not be difficult for you to do tea business from any part of Bangladesh. Since they will be free shipping, you can do your business from anywhere.

Pure Sreemangle: They are the only company in Bangladesh, giving you a one hundred percent guarantee. Their  Sreemang is 100% genuine. So, don’t worry about the quality anymore. Your customer satisfaction will be ensured. Rebnal G-Camsine Green Tea and Rebnal Hillock Black Tea Supply the office, super shop, online store and home based tea.

Low cost, Huge Service:   When buying wholesale, we aim to buy at a slightly lower price. Rebnal Tea can be the best solution for you. They will sell you wholesale Tea at a relatively low price while keeping the quality of their service intact. Besides, They can supply you in huge quantities.So many big companies buy from them wholesale.

Easy Return: Business can often have many problems. You may have to return the Tea in case of any emergency. Moreover, even if you do not like the quality, you may need to answer. For whatever reason, it is straightforward for you to return the product to them. They will not ask you any questions about it. They will be by your side as a reliable and trustworthy partner in your business.


Wrapping Up

You have to maintain a lot to be a good businessman. Tea business is very potential one in this region. But you need to execute the plan accordingly. So, You can follow my steps to start a tea business. These will help you cut down on business difficulties. Good wholesale increases your chances of making a profit if you can buy. Supplying the right quality products will naturally increase the popularity. By learning how to do tea business in Bangladesh, you are near the doorstep. Now it’s your turn to execute your idea nicely.