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Bubble Tea, What You Should Know about it Exactly ?

Who doesn’t love tea? Around the world there are lots of kind,and each and everyone are different flavour and taste riches. We here come to know a different and delicious kind. Hope you are enjoyed this article for its masala information.lets have a look –

Does the name ‘bubble tea’ mean, it contains a lot of bubbles? No, not at all; inside the cup of this tea, some pearl-sized chewy balls are added. For this reason, this tea is well-known as ‘Bubble Tea’ or ‘Boba Tea’. Found almost worldwide, generally, bubble tea can be termed as a mixture of food and drink; alternatively, can be termed as a ‘drink snack’.


Toppings are found at the bottom of this drink. Tapioca pearls, a starch made from the cassava root, are black in color. Before using it as a topping for bubble tea, some processing is mandatory. Firstly, it is boiled and cooked and made soft and chewy. Then, it is mixed with brown sugar or syrup or honey for sweetening.


To prepare a perfect bubble tea, these pearls are put in the bottom and various types of fruit juices, fresh fruits, brewed teas, ice, milk are also put together. Then, the drink is shaken to blend the ingredients.

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The History and Recent Story of This Drink:

More than 30 years earlier bubble tea was introduced in Taiwan in 1980. After that, it has become a trendy drink almost all over the world. In the USA, there were over 800 shops of bubble tea by the year 2018. In the early ’90s, bubble tea became prevailing in Hong Kong and Japan. Later on, international dealers introduced the product in Chinatowns throughout North America. Afterward, bubble tea gained popularity in Non- Asian areas too.


Nowadays, this tea is taken almost as often as soda, smoothies, or coffee. Additionally, ‘Kung Fu Tea’ declared ‘National Bubble tea day’ on 30th April 2018. This was for the purpose of spreading the culture of bubble tea.



Available Bubble Tea Kits One Can Buy Easily:

Bubble tea lovers can make their own bubble tea at home by themselves. For this purpose, bubble tea kit is necessary. This kit can be found in online stores or local stores around the U.S. Usually a bubble tea kit contains the following products:


  • Powders of various flavors
  • Fat bubble tea straws
  • Black tea
  • Green tea
  • Plastic measuring scoop
  • Tapioca black pearls
  • Instructions and recipe


It is recommended to make bubble tea at home when there are so many people to offer. Because, it takes an adequate amount of time to complete the whole process of making bubble tea.


One can bring bubble tea kits and make tea at home since bubble tea shops are closed at this moment. Here are some kits available in Amazon online store:


  • Hanover Shops Collection for Bubble Tea:

It’s a popular brand of bubble tea kit. They offer WufuYuan black tapioca pearls, Pantai tea mix, Disposable Straws. They come in a nicely decorated labeled box.


  • Jumbo Boba Bubble tea kit: 

It can make more than 30 cups of drinks! Also offers 3 different flavors such as Mocha, Spiced Chai Tea Latte, and Milk tea. The package also includes Tapioca pearls, 5 cups, 5 bubble leads, 5 fat straws, and a tea shaker.


  • DeDe instant Boba Tea Kit:

This kit contains 9 bubble teas with 3 different flavors. Also, there are boba straws, Buddha bubbles black tapioca pearls inside the package.


  • Qbubble Tea Mango Powder:

It offers a mango-flavored tea as well as WufuYuan tapioca pearls. This perfect mango bubble tea kit contains 50 pieces of bubble size straw, Mango powder. An instruction manual to make a perfect delicious bubble tea.


Mandatory Bubble Tea Supplies and Equipment One Should Know About:

To prepare bubble tea, a business owner has to decide which equipment and supplies should be purchased from the market.


Although fancy equipment is not always necessary for preparing bubble tea, many bubble tea business owners prefer fancier equipment to add elegance to their businesses.



At least, these following bubble tea supplies are necessary to make a bubble tea: 


  • Measuring scoop: 

Measuring scoops are vital for making a balanced tea. For this reason, several sized scoops should be purchased.


  • Container for cooked tapioca:

Once the tapioca is clocked, it must be stored in a plastic container.


  • Container for powders of bubble tea flavor:

An airtight container would be better to store the flavored powder. These containers may keep the moisture out as much as possible.


  • Stove to cook tapioca:

An electric or gas stove is necessary to cook the tapioca. In the case of space limitations, electric rice can be used as an alternative.


  • A pot to cook tapioca:

A big pot of size almost 5 gallons is highly recommended for the purpose of cooking tapioca.


  • Strainer:

The strainer is used for draining and rinsing the water since water must be drained from cooked tapioca.


  • Fat Straws:

To drink bubble tea with tapioca fat straws are necessary. A slant-cut straw will be very effective when penetrating the seal film on the top of the tea-cup. Also, this type of straw can be useful to suck up all the tapioca at the bottom of a cup.


  • Cups and lids:

Cups for containing the bubble tea and lids are ideal for storing the tea for a long time.


  • Shaking cup:

A shaker machine will be too expensive for making bubble tea at home. Instead of it, stainless steel or plastic made shakers can be applied. The plastic shaker is preferable, because, it doesn’t cause a temperature change of the drink. On the other hand, the stainless-steel shaker becomes too cold to hold when liquid is poured.




Other non-mandatory equipment may be included:


  • A blender:

Adding a blender is an optional choice for business owners. A blender mixes the fruits with bubble tea. Blended bubble tea is a perfect mixture that can be drunk without leaving any residue.


  • Machine for sealing cup:

It makes the top of the bubble tea cup sealed with thin plastic film. Various seal-tape of different designs are used to entertain customers. This seal film doesn’t allow the cup to spill drink when carrying.


  • Syrup pumper:

Dispensing syrup from a pump of syrup makes it easier for the staff in a shop.


In order to prepare a bubble tea perfectly, these supplies are vital. Various online stores are selling these bubble tea supplies, from where the bubble tea business owners can buy according to their budget.


How to Make Bubble Tea at Home Comfortably Following a Perfect Recipe:

So many flavors of bubble tea are trendy, like plain tea such as jasmine or black tea; fruit flavors like strawberries; and even taro, a tropical plant used mostly in Asia. The good news is, bubble tea can be prepared at home comfortably.


Teas with strong flavor are highly recommended since it will be mixed with milk and crushed ice. So, according to an ideal bubble tea recipe, retaining the flavor of the tea will contribute to a tasty outcome. For this purpose, Ceylon or Assam tea leaves would be a good choice. The bubble tea recipe that describes how to make bubble tea, includes tea, milk, tapioca, and a sweetener.


Firstly, strong black tea is chosen and put into the water. While boiling the tea, some sugar is added into it. After brewing the tea, it should be cooled down to room temperature.


Secondly, tapioca pearls need to be boiled for 7-15 minutes (varies according to the quality of pearls). But, it must be ensured that the pearls don’t get stuck together.


Finally, cooked tapioca pearls are put at the bottom of a cup. Then, crushed ice and black tea are poured into that cup. Milk will also be added to this mixture. The combination is then shaken by hand and the final outcome becomes ready.



Health Issues Related to Drinking Bubble Tea:


Unluckily, it is an argumentative matter, whether bubble tea is good for health or not. But, some facts are needed to be known:


  • Good side:


Bubble tea is good for health if you can make it using the proper ingredients. So what are the benefits of bubble tea? These are as follows:

  1. This tea can increase your metabolism and energy. Because of the caffeine and sugar, bubble tea is considered as a fantastic source of energy enhancer.
  2. Green tea, one of the best flavors of bubble tea, helps to strengthen the immune system of the human body.
  3. As bubble tea is a mixture of drink and food, you can serve it as a drink snack. In addition, the ingredients are good for health as well as mind. Because it includes fruit juices or fresh fruits, brewed teas, ice, and milk to make this tea.
  4. Bubble tea has anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants in it. These things make your heart and the vessel of blood walls stronger. It also precludes the arteries to form plaque.
  5. The free radical damage of a human body can be the reason of mutation. This mutation can cause cancer and chronic disease. You can easily avoid these diseases and risks of health by adding green tea in your bubble tea. Moreover, you should keep this flavor in your daily routine.

Bubble tea is an amazing item of tea for the business people as well as the tea-lovers. But it becomes much healthy when you make it at home. You can make your own healthy bubble tea by using some ingredients. Though you have to give some time to make, it worth it for you because you won’t need to rush in a tea shop for having a cup of tea



  • Bad side: High sugar or powdered milk is used in some conditions. These create health hazards. Also, in some cases, artificial color and other ingredients are found that degrade health conditions.


However, as a mixture of good and bad sides, extreme drinks lovers are may be allowed to take a cup of bubble tea occasionally.


10 Bubble Tea Brands One Must Try in The U.S.:


There are various brand over the world. Though the basic ingredients are same but flavour and taste can be varied.If someone is in search of a bubble tea shop near him or her, can try these following tea brand shops for an exclusive flavor and amazing taste:


COCO FRESH Tea and Juice: 

After establishing in Taiwan, it grew rapidly in China. Later, being a recognized and dominating brand for bubble tea, the brand started to explore the market in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the U.S. Recently, they are offering their Sweet potato and Taro series Bubble tea price at only $3.99!



Founded in 1992, in Taiwan, Sharetea started delivering black tea and milk tea. Their beverages, made with top-graded tapioca pearls and tea leaves, helped become popular quickly. Kiwi fruit tea, Hawaii fruit tea, and Aiyu Jelly are some of their best-selling items. Bubble tea price here lies between $2.99 to $4.25.


TAI CHI Bubble Tea:

It was first introduced in the year of 2015 in the United States. Taichi bubble tea shop offers milk teas that include flavors such as Thai coffee, Taro, Mango, or Taichi green milk tea. Currently, they have added new flavors like sweet potato, matcha. At this moment, Tai Chi Bubble Tea has launched 8 stores across the U.S., so far. Bubble tea price here is between $3.75 to $4.25.


KUNG FU tea:

Across the U.S. Kung Fu Tea has spread its Tea shops. They have been emphasizing on quality, flavor, and their performance to expand their popularity. One can get easily entertained in their shops since card games are available! This shop can be a great choice for someone, wants to become relaxed for a while.


FAT STRAWS Bubble Tea:

If someone is really conscious about your health, he/she should choose this shop. Because they have a bubble tea menu which includes only gluten-free items! One can enjoy soy milk, coconut milk, or almond milk as a dairy backup for the brewed teas.


VIVI Bubble Tea:

First introduced in New York, in the year 2007, ViVi Bubble Tea has been expanding its business all over the U.S. Currently, It has 70 branches and continues to provide the best quality and service to the customers. ViVi Bubble Tea ensures extraordinary quality, by bringing original ingredients from Taiwan.


One should check the exceptional ViVi Bubble Tea menu, which offers multiple types of delicious items such as Vivi signature fruit tea, Milk Tea, Cream Float, Organic milk tea, Yakult drink, Slush series, Flavored tea, etc.



They also provide gluten-free products in most of their items. The surprising fact is, they make products from natural and fresh elements. They offer unique milk cream in their tea items which makes them exceptional from other bubble tea stores.



Some special features about their products have made them famous. Like, they make the fructose-free syrup by themselves and use organic milk for tea. People of Los Angeles, New York, and SF Bay Area in the U.S. may want to try these delicious items. Bubble tea price here is reasonable and ranges from $4- $4.5.



When someone wants a quality bubble tea made with the best herbal, oolongs, and coffee products, Seattle Best Tea would be the best option. They import quality tea from Taiwan and that improves the quality of their products too. Their milk bubble tea is priced at only $3.99, which is an amazing offer! They offer flavors like Jasmine milk tea, Black milk tea, or Taro.



Their drinks don’t contain any artificial ingredients like powder, artificial flavoring, or fructose. That makes their selling items unique and famous. Exceptional sweetened bubble tea can be found here. Other than drinking bubble tea, one can find desserts and ice creams here.


Final Words About Bubble Tea

Taiwan is undeniably the ‘capital of bubble tea’ of the world. Instead of coffee, nowadays, bubble tea is a necessary drink usually during break times. In the last several decades, this ‘Bubble Tea’ or ‘Boba tea’ has become a popular beverage not only in Taiwan but also in other parts of Asia, Europe, and North America. Nowadays, whoever wants a delicious cup of bubble tea, can search and find a bubble tea shop near him or her.I think if you are not drinking it before  you feel lust and can’t wait to taste a new flavor of tea in the veryfirst time when you will see it. So serach this in your surrounding and enjoy it. Happy Drinking.



In this brief article we try to illustrate easily what is bubble tea, its pros and cons briefly and why is necessary to know? We took it from variable trusted  sources so that you don’t need to confuse about this information at all.

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