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Tea price in Bangladesh

Tea is a tremendous thing. Amongst all the beverages tea is the first priority of the people of Bangladesh for its popularity. When we have guests in our home the first thing that comes before they are a cup of tea. Our morning doesn’t start without a cup of tea and even the evening snack is considered incomplete without this special beverage. Black Tea prices in Bangladesh may differ in kinds and brands. We will talk about details in this article so far.

Well, tea is the 2nd top cash crop in exporting. In the country, too tea production has developed a quality service and variety of flavors. You can get tea at a wholesale and retail price both offline and online. You can have different types of tea in Bangladesh.

Tea and its price

The price of tea varies from one type of tea to another Tea. Basically, it is because of the molecules, tastes, and demands. When the demand is higher, the price hikes. But then again, there are deals and sometimes the price falls too. Coming to the taste that matters the most, each type is different from the other and tastes different. People prefer tea as per their taste. Hence, the price varies.

Offline we get tea at wholesale and retail price both and cheap. But if we want a better quality tea without stepping out, online is a better option.

We will get black tea at an affordable price and the prices are more stable than normal offline stores or wholesale. There are times when you can be betrayed by a shopkeeper but online the chance is less.

Online services these days are providing quality stuff so you can give it a go and get better quality tea just at your hand. If you are an office-going person and can’t make yourself to the general stores or regular market, the online takeaway is perfect for you. Just order and have the best organic teste of your favorite tea.

Various kinds of tea with their price

Tea prices are almost the same both online and offline, we enlisted here in detail.The usually online price of tea is typically less than the offline market. We mentioned here mainly in online price

CD Dust Tea

Cd Dust tea is found in powdered form. It is a strong liquor tea with immense freshness. It is famous in Khulna and Rajshahi district.

You can get a wholesale price both offline and online. But in a busy life where we can get things online so why offline. You can get the Comfortable  CD Dust Tea 20 kg for 6,400 tk.. (+-)

Good Tea Garden


BOP Tea is a granulated tea. This is a type of tea that should be kept in kettles so that it could give away the liquor. This is famous among Sylhet, Chittagong, Dhaka, Mymensingh, etc. Besides, the OF Tea BOP has a high demand in Dhaka city. The people here use BOP tea more often because it can be kept in the kettle for a long time. The tradition of keeping tea in the kettle and serving as per needs is pretty common in all over Bangladesh. So, in sense, it is a very famous tea type within the People of Bangladesh. It is priced at 15,657 tk for 55kg online and you can enjoy the organic flavor of it. (+-) Price High and Low.

Loose Tea


GBOP Tea is likely to BOP Tea but smaller in granules and less in price. It is also very popular among people. People always look for stuff which saves money so it is in high demand among the people. Something the price fluctuates but online you have a stable price and sell or deals at times. So, it is better to order online and have organic refreshments. It is priced at around 14,575 tk for 55kg which is pretty cheap.

PD Tea

It is a combination of Gbop, PF, and OF. It can be the combination of, PF, RD, and Dust too. It is good to have an amalgamated taste in your mouth at times. This gives a variety in the regular teste. So, sometimes people prefer this type of tea on occasions or special events. It enhances the flavor and complements the tea. So, everyone should have a sip from this tea.

The wholesale online price for this is 14,300 tk for 55kg which is enough to have a journey to a new flavor. (+-) Price High and Lowest.

OF Tea

This tea we people normally get beside the streets is basically tea. It is all the time favorite tea among the office guys and students. They are real consumers of roadside tea.

The fragrance of this tea just drags you to it. While walking beside the road, you can’t resist yourself to buy a cup of Tea. The aroma will bring you to it.

It is priced at 14,575 to for 55 online and maybe cheaper in other companies. It is always a reasonable tea and enriched in taste.

RD Tea

This tea is refreshing and strong at the same time.It is another type of tea which is Strong in teste.
When you are just as tired as hell, this is the perfect one to try. It instantly refreshes and re-energies the mind and the body. This is priced at 15,920 tk for 55 kg.

Dust Tea

This is really famous amongst the people of Bangladesh. This is the regular tea we have at  Hotel Dust . To energise your morning and evening, a cup of DUST Tea is enough.

You will get it at 14,300 tk for 55 kg.If you want DUST Tea at hand without stepping out, online order is the perfect option for you.

Green Tea

Green Tea is getting more famous day by day. People are getting conscious about health and banking upon green tea nowadays. It increases your metabolism rate and digestion at the same time helps you to lose weight. It is a really healthy tea for each and everyone and people getting its value too.

You can get 100gm at 400 tk online which is really cheap.

Rebnal Tea Brand Packet

Tea is a dramatic drink. By taking people often find it energetic. Tea enthusiasts say, without tea, they don’t have the energy to work further. Tea business is really a strange beverage market in word wide. It can change a person’s mood instantly. People drink tea. Writers drink tea while writing, readers drink tea while reading, designers drink tea while making a masterpiece, even people drink tea while just listening to a song. Tea has a huge impact on especially the people of Bangladesh.

Loose Bage 55Kg Tea

Other than Bengalis, the English also find tea very useful. It’s proven that tea is a kind of caffeine and it has such ingredients in it which work on people’s brains to be more active. So, drinking tea is always appreciated but drinking too much is forbidden. When one drinks tea many times a day it affects their body and mind. They become dependent on it which is not a good thing. But people drink tea and most can’t live without it.

While people are getting familiar with online stuff and all, getting tea online brings a huge excitement among people. Every time people are busy buying tea in markets but when tea is reaching you by itself, you should give it a go.
So after all this let’s cup of a tea?

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How to do tea business in Bangladesh 


Bangladesh is a very prosperous country in terms of the tea business. Even Bangladesh ranks tenth in the world in terms of tea production. Is Becoming a successful entrepreneur in Bangladesh your goal? The tea business is the right choice then. But if you’re going to start a business, you must first know how to do the tea business in Bangladesh. First of all, let’s see the history of the tea business in Bangladesh.

It started in the British period.  But later, it also started in Chittagong. The next story is known to almost all of us. Bangladesh made incredible progress in the tea industry. Bangladesh accounts for 3% of the world’s total tea supply. Also, a large part of the export industry of Bangladesh’s economy comes only from the tea industry.

The popularity of tea business is increasing but not decreasing over the years. I have arranged this article in such a way that you can know the details about it.

Tea Business: A profitable and  Potential business

Tea business is an active business in business terms of Bangladesh. There are many reasons why you should start a tea business. Let’s find out why tea business has potential in Bangladesh:

Huge tea producing area

Moulvibazar area of ​​Sylhet can be said to be the heart of tea production in Bangladesh. Out of 166 gardens, 93 gardens are in Moulvibazar. So if you want to do a tea business plan in Bangladesh, you must prioritize the Sylhet region.

People love Tea!

Tea is a trendy drink among the people of Bangladesh. From village tong shops to modern restaurants in the city, Tea is a triumph everywhere. So keep an eye on the quality,  of course, you don’t have to be worried about the sale.

Tea Business: Step by Step Guidance

Is it so easy to start a tea business? To be honest, not at all. There are many things you need to know before starting a business.

Doing the local tea business in Bangladesh is very competitive. To survive here, you have to maintain quality as well as all the excellent strategies. There are many reputed local companies in Bangladesh. It’s a little difficult to compete with them as a new business.

So how to start a tea business as a beginner? You need to know some vital information before starting the business. Such as about the wholesale tea market, competitors, other best companies, etc. Now I will explain to you step by step how to start the tea business.

Learn About Tea: This is one of the most crucial business advice for you. Before you start any business, you need to know about the company you want to start. Likewise, you need to know about Tea before starting a tea business. In this case, you need to know the details of tea production. The season, the timing is significant among them.

You also need to know what kind of diseases or problems can occur in tea leaves. Finally, you need to know how other traders are doing a tea business. The work is quite a pursuit but very important. Let me share a surprising thing with you in this context. Many business people work as employees in other companies. Why? To learn about the business because the user experience is significant for the business.

Business Strategy is essential: Well, your idea is necessary. An idea can change everything. Business strategy may vary from person to person. Unique designs are considered as critical points of a successful business. Tea business is so much competition. So a small approach here might be the trump card for you.

Again, the wrong approach can lead to your downfall. But How to create the perfect plan? The best way to do this is to study and analyze. Then, what kind of study should you do? So you have to follow some of these other’s business methods. You need to know what methods others are using.  Besides, you need to do data analysis.

Execution is more important:  Many great ideas fail if the performance is not proper. To improve your business, you have a better understanding of the environment where you are doing business. Well, numerous places in Bangladesh give people different tastes. It is in the country just like that. To get a good boost in the tea business, you have to understand the area and its tradition and people.

Starting an online or physical tea store seems to be quite a startup concept. People drink tea day by day, and various tea varieties are becoming popular in Bangladesh. Much of the tea store is locally developed in Bangladesh. Online tea stores are not so common in these moments. Starting a proper tea shop will take a lot of stress on you, though.

Plan a perfect Marketing Strategy:    The next thing a tea company wants is a proper marketing plan. As you can see, Bangladesh’s tea industry is callous. And to survive, you have to make a healthy marketing plan. Advertisement, help, deals have a considerable effect on unsuccessful marketing strategy. It is essential how you are to communicate with the customer—dealing with your presence and your bud online.

Here are some excellent marketing ideas that you can follow:

  • Partner with various restaurants, cafes, and coffee/tea shops to draw more clients.
  • Build a website and employ an SEO writer to automate trafficking to the fullest.
  • Participate in food fairs, festivals, and related activities. And include discount deals or gifts to create a new friendship.
  • Seek to get the company funded to show it.
  • Don’t forget to mention your tea company in the company folders.

4 Learn About the wholesale market:  To run a tea business, you must know about the wholesale tea market in Bangladesh. Also, you need to have an idea about the location. It’s challenging to find an excellent place for tea business in Bangladesh. Especially if you’re starting your own tea company, you’d better try looking for the right spot. Most of BD’s stores are crowded; ads without choosing the right place; starting a business will be hard.

After buying wholesale, you have to sell the Tea in retail. So, in this case, it is essential to choose your location. You must first choose a place that is suitable for buying wholesale. Then you need to determine the site for retail. So you need to understand the wholesale market to understand the whole process.

Why Tea wholesale?

Relying on the tea box or from any department store would increase your costs. But you need to cut your price to do your business. Some local manufacturers can provide daily blend tea for you. When you can work with any reputable supplier of Tea, though-having, an excellent brew or blend is not a big deal. Yeah, you can get a drink from your tea garden right away. All you have to do is draw up a contract.

Tea wholesaler in Bangladesh:   Naturally, there are more tea wholesalers in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh. Because most of the gardens in Bangladesh are in the Sylhet region, if you can’t collect directly from the garden, you need to buy from a wholesaler. Do you have your yard or a known garden? If not, it is better to buy from wholesalers. Because it will do your job much more; however, it will cost a little more than to collect directly from the garden.

It is not just that you will find wholesalers in the Sylhet region. At present wholesale Tea, sellers are available in Dhaka. So even if you stay away from Sylhet now, it is not a big problem. Many traders feel comfortable buying from wholesalers in Sylhet. However, there is nothing uncomfortable. In Dhaka too, good Tea is being sold in wholesale. Tea wholesaler in Dhaka has made the process easier.  Because of them, people all over Bangladesh can now do a tea business.

Pricing of the Tea: It is essential to have a beautiful combination of retail and wholesale buying. Just as it is critical to selling at a fair price, it is also necessary to buy at a low cost. You need to have a good idea about the price of your Tea before starting a business. Of course, there are quite a few differences in wholesale and retail prices. Moreover, the pricing of Tea varies from place to place.

The big companies of Bangladesh collect Tea directly from Sylhet. There you will usually find at a much lower price than in Dhaka. The retail price of Tea fluctuates. Depending on the supply or more than the demand, so often the price goes up or down. For example, the amount of Tea has come down in the market of Bangladesh recently. Currently,  tea price per kg in Bangladesh is 243 tk.

Tea leaf business in the context of Bangladesh

The context of Bangladesh or we have analyzed the market for those of you who will start a new tea leaf business. They must read this article seriously. Because the business in Bangladesh is not as much as you dream of doing business. In reality it is much more difficult.

Tea business plan in Bangladesh

If you want to do business well then you need to get the tea leaf business plan right. You do market research and find out everything from the people from whom you will buy and sell tea leaves. Because this business is in Chittagong, and Sylhet, but you can get good tea at wholesale from Srimangal. You come to Srimangal and visit the tea market. Also do enough research for you to buy wholesale tea leaves. 

Study and analyze Bangladesh’s top-notch companies:

By analyzing the top-notch companies, we will have a much deeper idea. Their business strategy will give you a lot of ideas. You get ideas from everything from production to marketing. That’s why you need to make a list first. The list of tea companies in Bangladesh will help you to analyze more.  By looking at their data analysis, marketing processes, etc., you can easily understand how you should do business.

Best tea company in Bangladesh: Don’t know which company you will buy wholesale from? It is normal to be confused by the crowd of many companies. So from my analysis, I will give you the details of ​​the best tea company.

Rebnal Tea has already made the best name for Bangladesh’s retail. And wholesale sales. It is not that they only supply Tea. In addition to black and green Tea, they provide fresh lemons and fruits. It has gained an excellent reputation in Bangladesh in a short period. Because it gives the best product in terms of quality, their main service facilities are:

Free Shipping:   The best advantage of working with them is that you no longer have to pay for transportation. If you order just above 55 kg, your full delivery charge is free. So it will not be difficult for you to do tea business from any part of Bangladesh. Since they will be free shipping, you can do your business from anywhere.

Pure Sreemangle: They are the only company in Bangladesh, giving you a one hundred percent guarantee. Their  Sreemang is 100% genuine. So, don’t worry about the quality anymore. Your customer satisfaction will be ensured. Rebnal G-Camsine Green Tea and Rebnal Hillock Black Tea Supply the office, super shop, online store and home based tea.

Low cost, Huge Service:   When buying wholesale, we aim to buy at a slightly lower price. Rebnal Tea can be the best solution for you. They will sell you wholesale Tea at a relatively low price while keeping the quality of their service intact. Besides, They can supply you in huge quantities.So many big companies buy from them wholesale.

Easy Return: Business can often have many problems. You may have to return the Tea in case of any emergency. Moreover, even if you do not like the quality, you may need to answer. For whatever reason, it is straightforward for you to return the product to them. They will not ask you any questions about it. They will be by your side as a reliable and trustworthy partner in your business.


Wrapping Up

You have to maintain a lot to be a good businessman. Tea business is very potential one in this region. But you need to execute the plan accordingly. So, You can follow my steps to start a tea business. These will help you cut down on business difficulties. Good wholesale increases your chances of making a profit if you can buy. Supplying the right quality products will naturally increase the popularity. By learning how to do tea business in Bangladesh, you are near the doorstep. Now it’s your turn to execute your idea nicely.