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Green Tea price in Bangladesh


Green tea is not actually a popular type of tea in Bangladesh. Well, yes, the popularity of green tea is starting to grow and many tea estates are starting to cultivate it. However, the tea is not well spread among commoners.

Today, we are going to talk about green tea, its benefit, how it’s made, price, and other important things in Bangladesh.

Green Tea Price In Bangladesh

Green tea is currently gaining popularity in Bangladesh. Green Tea price varies in Bangladesh. Basically, these prices depend on the quality of the green tea. For example, BTRI Green Tea Price in BD is one of the most valuable teas. When you buy open green tea, you should know the prices first. We sell different types of green tea. In general, from the best green tea to low green tea, you will get everything. And if you buy the green at branding, you can buy our 100 gram g-Camsin Green Tea. You can see the detailed retail price of Green Tea here. 

What is Green tea?

Green tea is actually not a color beverage. Well, green tea is very popular in Japan and is not quite familiar among common people in the sub-continent. What makes this tea different from other types is the processing system.

Unlike ordinary black tea, green tea doesn’t get its granular shape. In many cases, they remain just small leaves. Not just that, manufacturers can store the tea faster than other types of tea.

Thanks to the unique processing, green tea can retain a lot of antioxidants and provides a lot of health benefits.

What does Green Tea contain?

Green Tea contains tannins, which gives green tea its astringent flavor. They have antioxidant and antibacterial elements in them that are very much effective for health. It also contains caffeine, a few vital vitamins called vitamin B, C, E, and many other ingredients like theanine, alkalinity, fluorine,saponins, etc.

Green Tea

The benefits of Green Tea?

Lose weight

Green tea can increase metabolism. Green tea’s polyphenols help in the process of making calories from food by making the body’s fat oxidation process more efficient. As a result, excess fat cannot accumulate in the body.

Diabetes control

Green tea helps regulate blood glucose levels. After eating, blood sugar levels rise, which directly controls green tea.


Green tea is very beneficial. This green tea leaf is soaked in water for a few days and then strained and applied to the base of the tree, it acts as a fertilizer.

Reduce heart disease

Scientists believe that green tea works in every vein of the body. As a result, blood circulation remains normal. So even if the blood pressure changes for any reason, it does not cause any harm.

Moreover, green tea does not allow blood to clot. That’s why the chances of having a heart attack are greatly reduced.

Esophageal cancer

Green tea helps reduce the risk of esophageal cancer. It also eliminates cancer cells altogether without damaging the good cells.


Green tea helps reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol in the body. It also helps to increase the amount of beneficial cholesterol.

Prevent disease

Green tea is very beneficial for the body. It helps in preventing all diseases of the body. Green tea protects the body cells from harmful effects, resulting in increased immunity.

Increasing memory

Green tea helps improve memory. It refreshes various parts of the body from the inside out and also helps in enhancing memory. Although there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, it can improve the condition by regulating the levels of acetylcholine, which is responsible for Alzheimer’s.

Overcome depression

The amino acid ‘theanine’ is naturally found in green tea leaves. This ingredient helps reduce anxiety and depression.

Keep good teeth

Green tea’s antioxidant called ‘catechin’ destroys various bacteria and viruses inside the mouth. Which reduces various dental problems including throat infections. It also prevents dental cavities by destroying oral bacteria.

How to make green tea?

Well, you can always use the tea bag to make a good cup of green tea. However, you must make sure the temperature is right. Add some sweeter to make them taste better.

Local market is flooded with various brands but the Rebnal Tea is progressing as the best green tea brand in Bangladesh. Other brands are using advanced technology to fake the low quality products and selling on their brand names, Renal is Getting popular day by day.

Final Verdict

Thanks to the enormous health benefits, green tea is getting popular in China and Japan. Even in Bangladesh, the tea is starting to get popular. Manufacturers are cultivating it and day by day, people are getting attracted to it. Whats a black tea ? Black Tea Price In Bangladesh.


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