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Rebnal Tea is the premium tea brand of Bangladesh. Rebnal tea producers supply Black Tea and Green Tea – in flexible loose packages as you order

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We provide high-quality tea for you. We have a skilled team, blender, and chemist. So you can take customized tea from us as per your demand. At present we have 3 types of tea-related services.

Rebnal Tea Bangladesh

Packaging Tea

We have brought for you a total of 3 packets of tea, which are made in 36 different blends and are transformed into different flavors. One for hotel and tea stalls, the other for home or office.

Ready Bland Tea

We don’t just want to grow our business, we work to create many entrepreneurs in the country. Those who only do tea branding. You can buy ready blend tea from us and sell it in your own pocket. 

Loose Tea

We check the quality of tea according to the demand of the buyer and supply them. I collect them by bidding from Bangladesh Tea Auction Center. Keep some for us, send some buyers. Which is the perfect quality tea.
Why Us.
The best-blended tea in the natural and best garden is just for you.
Our team is always working on how to make tea in a different taste and put it in people’s mouths. So we keep an eye on the tea gardens before buying tea leaves. Let’s make a list of possible gardens that can offer good tea. Then we bid tea from the tea auction and bring it to our warehouse. After testing them in our own lab, we send them with sacks for the buyers, and the rest of the tea we put in our own packet for the customer in the market.
Our goal and objective are to keep pace with the world by transforming the heritage and tea industry of Bangladesh through more advanced means. We also want our tea to have a good market in other countries of the world. For this, we want buyers from any country in the world.
Why Us.
A cup of tea is not only satisfying, but it is also very inspiring
While drinking Rennell tea is not just a story, there are many inspiring rhythms involved with tea. If you want to enjoy your life, compare it with a cup of tea. You will get many answers. Which will inspire life and give something new. 

Over 2 Billion cups.

To 117 countries.

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