Rebnal Tea Is a Bangladeshi Tea

Establishment of Rebnal Tea in 2012. The main goal for Rebnal Teas was to create a company that has honest values and treats its customers the way family and friends are treated. This means Rebnal Teas would provide its customers with healthy Organic teas and superior customer service. With the hard work, dedication, and support from family and friends was able to bring the faux business to life.

We convert your idea into a reality

Rebnal Tea Bangladesh is a tea brand. Rebnal tea has always been a known name in different countries of the world including Bangladesh. They have made known profits by producing consumer goods. Rebnal Tea journey started with tea blending, later they moved towards tea plantations.

Rebnal Tea is a subsidiary of Rebnal Global Limited. Their master trade is tea. They are always researching tea. In addition, tea market research in the world includes Bangladesh.


MSA Zahan    / Chairman – Rebnal Tea

What kind of tea does Rebnal Tea provide?

Rebnal Tea provides all types of tea, they prepare and blend tea according to market research. Also, one of their teas is CTC Blending Bulk Tea:

* BOP Tea

* GBOP Tea

* GOF Tea

* OF Tea

* PF Tea

* PD Tea

* DM Tea

* RD Tea

* DUST Tea

* CD Dust Tea

Also, They are in valued tea

* Green Tea

* Oolong Tea

* White Tea

* Orthodox Tea

* Jasmine Tea

* Rose Tea


Tea clients from any country in the world can buy our tea as bulk and dealership business through bulk orders.

Why Rebnal Tea will go ahead in the market?


We always do deep research on the tea market. We prepare and blend the type of tea that the tea customer wants to drink. We procure tea from tea auctions and provide ready-blend teas. We always work to ensure that our clients are not restricted in any market.

Rebnal Tea sourcing point

Rebnal Tea conducts tea bids from Bangladesh tea auctions. We buy top quality and high price tea from Bangladesh. We test and purchase tea from the valleys of Sylhet, Panchagarh, and Chittagong through our tea tester.

Export of tea to the outside world

We sell bulk tea, blending tea, ready blend tea, and wholesale tea of ​​our brands in different countries of the world. Besides keeping our tea client information confidential, we always do business-friendly tea business and help new entrepreneurs to build the tea market.


Connecting the world

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best testing, all natural teas for their everyday lives. At Rebnal Teas, we stay true to our word by always providing the best quality experience, customer service, and tea.

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What we do

01. Creative Products

Fast-forward over a year and a half after the start of the Rebnal Teas strives to provide tea lovers with a tea experience brought to the customer.

02. Marketing

Our goal is to provide the best quality tea experience for our customers. Rebnal Teas wants to continue the trend of providing healthy beverage

03. Home Essentials

At Rebnal, our intensive care program to create production of teas combines aesthetics with passion, flavor, and high-quality control.


  • Factory Office: Saplabag R/A , Sreemangal-3210, Moulovibazar.


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