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    Cd Dust Tea


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    •  Packet Size: 500gm 2 badges. Total 01 Kg Rebnal Brand Poly.
    • Trade Mark: Apply With Rebnal Tea Bangladesh.
    • BSTI Approved: CM License No- S-1429
    • Delivery Charge: 100 Taka.
    • Delivery Time: Inside Dhaka 2 Days. Outside Dhaka 3 Day.
    • Payment: any payment methods
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    Rebnal Hillock Black Tea


    Hillock Black Tea – Product description

    Rebnal Hillock Black tea has made its place in the competitive market.. There are varieties among black tea leaves, and finding the best quality leaves can be a hard nut to crack. For such cases, we have to consider all the important manufacturing plans. Yes, there are three types of black tea known as CTC (cut, tear, and curl). Among them, curl leaves are the inexpensive ones. We pick the best part for Hillock tea.

    When you taste Hillock Tea, you will feel refreshing and active. Unlike many other production farms, we are not solely dedicated to competing for profit. Rather, we are assuring the quality  to establish a brand among people.

    The first thing we are concerned with is the packaging. Yes, black tea can last for a long time. But keeping the tea fresh is quite hard without proper packaging. We are always focusing on providing the best quality packaging for Hillock Tea. Added to that, there will be no chemicals to keep the leaves fresh.

    Depending on the quality and type of tea, we provide different types of black tea, and the quality can compete with the best black tea products on the market. We kept the price affordable for the 200 Grams packaging that is best compared to other brands. However, what we seek is to satisfy the customers with quality and fresh tea from the tea gardens.

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    •  Packet Size: 100gm
    • Delivery Charge: Inside Dhaka 50/- Taka Or Out Side  Dhaka 80/- Taka.
    • Delivery Time: Inside Dhaka 1 Day. Outside Dhaka 2 Day.
    • Payment : any payment methods.
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    Rebnal Tea 500 gm