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    G CamSin Green Tea


    G CamSin Green Tea – Product Description

    As a popular type of tea, green is surely one of the popular ones in Bangladesh. However, most of them come as tea bag packages. Our G CamSin Green tea is the best leading the market. We provide by keeping green tea fresh for a long time with the best packaging. These come in 100 Grams packaging from the best technological issues.  So, the packaging is done carefully. You cannot expect to get natural leaves straight out of the packet.

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    •  Packet Size: 100gm
    • Delivery Charge: Inside Dhaka Free Or Out Side Dhaka 60/- Taka.
    • Delivery Time: Inside Dhaka 1 Day. Outside Dhaka 2 Day.
    • Payment : any.




    When you taste the G CamSin Green Tea, you will feel the taste with each sip. Its fresh and well maintained. Even we take the packaging seriously and try to maintain the standards. Currently, green tea’s price is double than that of black tea. But we are trying to provide you inexpensive green tea bags. Our green tea bag package comes in different sizes and the price tag is different. This way, people can afford green tea and enjoy it whenever they want.

    Keeping green tea leaves fresh for several months can be tough. But we don’t like to use any chemical to keep the leaves fresh. Rather, we try to get fresh leaves and prepare the best tea bags for a refreshing cup of tea.

    As the green tea market is short, green tea producers face a lot of competition, and so do we. However, we are striving to gain the best quality in our tea bags and also ensure that we become a renowned brand in the market. We kept the price affordable and within range.